Boxer briefs

I’m currently the only saleswoman in a men’s clothing store. I’ve grown accustomed to evaluating the fit of men’s pants around their crotch and their butt. As long as I act professional and explain what I’m looking at there doesn’t seem to be any discomfort.

Just last week I was working on stock near the dressing rooms. When I walked toward the front of the store, there was a man in his 60s standing with the door open to his dressing room and his zipper unzipped. That wasn’t unusual, it’s how we check the fit of the pants and how much larger we need to go based on the gap created when the pants fall open naturally.

What made me feel like I was working in a men’s locker room was the next time I walked by he was standing talking to my manager in his boxer briefs. I pressed my lips together to keep from laughing and kept walking.