Inhumane schedule

It’s been a while since I posted, unfortunately it’s not because I got a job where I’m properly employed. I’ve had a few managerial changes because manager #1 was stealing from the company, manager #2 was such a ball of chaos I had to leave. That brings me to manager #3, who has obviously never heard about the study that found┬ároutine and ritual enrich people’s lives.

Manager #3 likes to have a routine. He works in the mornings so he can spend afternoons on his boat. He doesn’t work weekends so he can spend time on his boat. That’s nice.

The problem is we’ve been down one person for a while and now we’re down two people. That means while the manager is taking 3- and 4-day weekends, I’ve had this bizarre work 8 days straight, have a day off, work a day, have a day off, work 5 days straight, day off, work, day off, work, day off, work. I had one week where I worked two days, had a day off, worked three days and had a day off, which is a schedule I like because I’m not exhausted when I hit my day off and I can be creative and productive.

Today is Labor Day and I am working the fourth of 8 straight days. No, I don’t know what happens after Saturday because the next week’s schedule hasn’t been completed. Today I worked from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., it was remarkable because for the first time in three days I actually got a lunch break.

So, I ask of people celebrating Labor Day and the beautiful weather to remember something when you go into a store or restaurant: That person didn’t get a weekend in the sun. Please, oh please, don’t tell them to enjoy their Labor Day because to them it was just another day of labor.